Saturday, May 1, 2010

picture catch up.

Here's a random picture update. Lindsey had a birthday. we went bowling. I lost. but we still had a good time. aren't we a fine lookin' bunch??
this is right before we went out for birthday MASSAGES. what? yes. lindsey and i went for full bod massages for her birthday. it was splendid. it was nice, but i don't know that i'm sold on the whole massage thing. my lade actually told me that i must be a pretty happy person because i didn't have tight muscles at all. well, thank you.
cindy came for a visit. it was a crazy busy weekend and i feel like she stayed at my house and watched movies most of the weekend, but it was so great to have her here.

sorry, random pictures...but i've been meaning to post them. so there you have it. random picture post of the century.

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