Thursday, May 13, 2010

this is real

ok mom, don't be mad. when you told me not to respond to onstar because they could be secret killers coming to snatch me....i may have already responded to them. whoops. don't worry, it really was onstar.

to catch some of you up, remember my super stressful day when i could not control my emotions? great. not that you are in the habit of reading other peoples comments on my blog, but have you ever thought to check out the comments on that post? it really happened. i was sitting in my friends graduation when i got that comment from onstar and my friend and her mother and I could not stop laughing. was this for real? yes, yes it was.

well, i responded. and guess what. I got an email from my contact Scott at OnStar today. my story has been posted. whatever. no big deal, right? except, kind of it is. I guess. but not really. it's all quite funny if you ask me. now i'm just waiting for my orange julis replacement, which should be coming in the mail. (don't worry mom, i gave them adam's po box address so they can't come snatch me.)

ps. this is not the secret. be patient.


Kayce said...

This is sooo funny, and made me laugh so hard today. Do you think if I write about Burger King's commercials scaring the crap out of me they'll send me free whopper coupons?

I love this. Can you add a button on your blog so we can subscribe to your comments? There is a button for this I swear.

PS When are you coming to visit me? I miss your face.

Kara said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! I love it!!

d e r e k said...

I knew you before you were famous.

Shannon said...

Oh Beth Anne...thank you so much for the laugh! I going to have to start blogging and doing a few shout outs myself. (I think my favorite part is that they read alot of your blog and even knew you were in tax season)
Let me know how the Orange Julius is the second time and don't drive while drinking it :-)

Lindsay said...

Adam and I are CRACKING up over here! You're famous! :)