Tuesday, May 25, 2010

saddle bum

work had a going away party for me up at the homestead. ok, not really. it was a firm retreat that had been scheduled for a while. BUT, i did get to bring a guest and spend a weekend at the homestead. it was perfect. meetings friday morning, lunch, and then we were off to our afternoon activity. i chose horseback riding. i wasn't nervous about riding a horse. i've ridden horses before, not alot, but it wasn't my first time. we got there. not nervous. signed the waiver. not nervous. walked into the corral. nervous. i was last to get on my horse, and it was being a little stinker. it just wouldn't do what i wanted it to, and finally they switched me to another horse. at this point, everyone else was in a nice horse single file line and leaving the corral for their ride off into the mountains. a nice trail guide horse woman stayed back with me to switch horses. and then it was time to catch up to the rest of our group. she took my lead rope and asked if we could trot a bit to make up for lost time. ok, fine. there was a fairly large hill that the rest of the group had ridden around, but wanting to make up time the girl asked if i was comfortable riding up and over. UP and OVER. ok. as we galloped (it felt like it, anyways...) up the side of this large hill, one of the horses got loose from the corral. the guide started yelling out to the other guide to get his attention to let him know there was a loose horse. (*at this point it's better to hear cousin lindsey tell the story. with the guide freaking out, she came up over the top of the hill. her. and a horse with no rider. linds thought for sure i'd been thrown from my horse...*) oh, but don't you worry, i didn't and i was told i looked quite the dream cresting that hill at a slight gallop.
needless to say, i got handed off to the lead guide, neil. he held onto that rope the whole time, making my ride quite effortless. i didn't use my reigns once, and got to be in the front - dust free. granted, i did have to talk to neil about his fiance and upcoming june wedding for 2 hours.

and now i have saddle bum. maybe it doesn't sound too bad, but i was achin' for a few days. i think i'm healed now, but my goodness.....

saturday morning scott came up to teach us the ways of the driving range. it was a beautiful day! it had snowed the night before, and then warmed up. snow in the mountains. sun was out. nice cool breeze. perfection. (sorry, no pictures of me and my professional golf swing.)

fun weekend. i really am going to miss working at squire, and not just for the perks of the job (like weekends in midway) yes, tif. that means i will miss you. medallions for life.


Heather and Taylor said...

Looks like so much fun!! See you in a few days!

tiffhoglund said...

My favorite part of the story is that Scott came up "in the morning" to join the party. Your secret is safe with me :)

Medallions will live on forever. Even if they're long distance.

Whitney said...

Looks fabulous.