Tuesday, May 4, 2010

countdown mania.

My sister and her husband have been kind enough for me to move in with them whilst I am transient. I have the perfect little room in the basement, and great company to boot. The first day I got there for my “extended sleepover “ (as my nephews look at it…) they were pulling fresh cookies out of the oven. Not just any cookie. Fudge cream cookies. My all-time favorite. My nephews, being the loving and sharing chaps that they are, invited Aunt Bethany up to the kitchen for some cookies.

“I can’t”, I explained. “ I’m in a contest right now. A no-cookie-contest.”
They all looked at me like I was crazy. “That sounds like a pretty dumb contest.” “Yeah, I would never do something like that”…and off they went to eat cookies.
I have since made a countdown. Enjoy.

8 more days of no cookie contest.
17 days left of work
3 ½ weeks till campout
11 hours until a new episode of LOST (last week was a rerun?!?!?!)
4 more weekends until I’m officially moving to SLC
0 tuna sandwiches (I think I will be taking a long break from tuna)
3 months to find a new job and a new house in SLC
And a partridge in a pear tree. Actually, 1 fudge cream cookie hiding downstairs in the freezer. (Yes, I will eat it the day the no cookie contest ends. Don’t judge me. What’s a life without cookies every once in a while??)


The Walkers said...

Holy blogging rampage. You're crazy. My frame turned out AWESOME. Call me crafty. I'm glad that you had such a fun weekend and that you froze a cookie for some good eating later on. Do you want me to bring you a bag of cookies and a slice of bread when all is said and done? Maybe we could putter around on snowmobiles. Or just go to dinner.

Whitney said...

Live in babysitter-and-house-cleaner extraordinaire? I hope you never leave.

Heather and Taylor said...

Count me in on the celebration at coasta vida! xoxo

Laura said...

How many more days until you come to visit the one maid a milking?
One day we will catch up!
Sure glad you blog - so I can check up on your comings and goings these days! I love you more than Rolo Cookies eaten in Belgian bliss!

Melissa said...

i like you..whatya think o' me?