Thursday, May 6, 2010

welcome to my life.

guaranteed this person doesnt read my blog. if they do, oh well.

it was probably a month and a half ago i was forced to go on a blind date. forced? who can force you to go on a blind date?? okay, maybe that's a strong word. coerced? guilted? whatever. this kid wanted to go out. he wouldn't let it go, so i planned a weeknight late dinner, which basically meant that it would be just that. dinner, then done. it would be perfect.
the night wasn't bad, but it was clear that nothing was going to happen. regardless, the jokes kept coming about how we should go down a dark alley and smooch the night away. this was after he didn't know how to carry a conversation, and would turn up weird music in his car and sing along. remember how i didn't really know him? just reminding you.
he left with a hug (after dinner and hanging out at my house for over an HOUR) and said we should do it again sometime. he had a blast.
dang it.
two weeks later his facebook status gloated about how much he loved his wonderful amazing beautiful girlfriend. okay. that was fast.
two weeks later, facebook told me he was engaged. congratulations.
don't worry, i got a text today telling me the official date. i was grateful the phrase "boo yeah" was there to end to text. nothing like rubbing it in your face.

let's be honest. it's not that my feelings are hurt. we were very different people, and i never thought anything romantic would happen. but seriously, how do people do it? a month and a half ago this kid was trying to get a smooch out of me after talking (kind of) for an hour over a bowl of soup. now he's living the engaged dream.

this i do know: when i get engaged and text everyone in existence, i will not use the phrase "boo yeah".


The Walkers said...

Stop. Boo yeah???? What a queer. How do these people find other people weird enough to marry them? I guess there's someone for everyone. And at least he's off the market. The streets just got a little safer.

Whitney said...

What a loser. Boo yeah.

d e r e k said...

I think you dodged a bullet there.

Tawny said...

hmmm. ya, thats weird...

tiffhoglund said...


Melissa said...


Ali said...

hahaha that is hliarious, wierd!

Gregory said...

So you don't even really know the kid, don't care what he thinks about you, he doesn't know where you live NOW, and he did something completely asinine. This situation is RIPE for a slanderous text message back. It will feel theuraputic. Allow me suggest:
"Really? You take me on ONE wholly awkward date, try to get all up in my business with your nasty breath, ignore the obvious lack of chemistry, AND THEN text me about your premature engagement like I should care? You sir, are a complete ass. . . boo yeah!"
THEN "PS. Loose my number."
It will both give you something to talk about for months to come.
You're welcome.