Thursday, August 12, 2010

true story

  • i didn't know what day of the week it was until the day was more than half way over. happy thursday :)
  • how do some people not know they are annoying. i'm not talking about just being abnoxious every once in a while. i'm talking completely lacking social skills to know how to act appropriately in public. it's something i don't know that i will ever understand.
  • my sister and her kids came to visit me at grandmas today. we walked the creek. we jumped on the tramp with a sprinker underneath. we had a picnic out on the lawn. we ate more popsicles than we should have. we drank blue koolaid. we made swords out of popsicle sticks. it was the perfect summer afternoon.
  • i've only had 3 mesquito bites all summer long. that is a big deal. i hate those bites. yuck.
  • i turn 28 next week. alot of people don't know that i'm that old. i know, it's really not that old. to a 22 year old boy that still talks about the mission, 28 is old. it's not bad. i remember being younger and thinking 25 was old.i now understand that 28 is not's mature.
  • last week was shark week. i saw a lot of legs bitten off last week.
  • lately i love sushi. i wish i could eat it every day. i can't afford to eat it every day, so every other meal is second rate. someday i will have a job and be able to eat sushi whenever i want.
  • i am trying to be more lady like. efy made me silly beth, and now i need to be more adult lady like beth. i dont know if that even makes sense, but it does to me. i'm working on it.
  • i want to like to read. i have a few books that i want to read. i hope they aren't above my head and make me change my mind about wanting to like to read. i will be reading mockingjay at the end of the month regardless of the outcome of the other book attempts.

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Whitney said...

Thanks for a fun day yesterday.

Whatcha reading before Mockingjay? You could totally finish a book before it comes out, you know. I've got a few ideas for you.