Monday, August 23, 2010

got. the. job.

this is my new home.
 the moran eye center.

after interviewing there multiple times for multiple positions, i got the job. i'm glad i ended up where i did. i'm thrilled with the people i interviewed with, and i'm excited to be on their team.

i start september 7th. just enough time to relax a bit before i'm back in the real world.
now i get to start looking for housing. talking to my cousin this morning, she pointed out that i now have more to do...find housing, move, la di da...but that it was good stuff. i agree with her. the stuff thats on my plate now is the exciting fun stuff. i'm excited to find a place and get settled into a routine, especially now that the stress of being employed is out of the way (pending my drug test.. haha)

so, thanks for your help. your encouraging words. your support. your prayers. your dreams of me finding the perfect job and moving nextdoor in a large house.

dreams come true. and now i'm employed.


hf said...

Yay!! Now I can give you my address so you can look in my cul-de-sac! :)


Megan said...

what are you going to be doing at the Moran? I know people who work there!

Elise said...

I am happy to hear you have a blog & are loving the real life.
Now we can be blogging buddies.
You are missed!

Melissa said...

ayyy bayy bayy that's how it's done sista gurl.

Tawny said...

you rule girl.

The Walkers said...

So, my cousin is a resident at the Moran. Look up Jeff Pettey. Yes, that is his name.

Bethany said...

Is he married? Then I don't care. Jk!!! Lets play before the hoopla of real life takes over.

Adam R. said...

I can't remember if I told you...but, GREAT JOB! That's freaking sweet.

Ali said...

so what's the position? You go girl.

Heather and Taylor said...

That's so exciting! What are you going to do for them?!