Thursday, August 19, 2010 2010.

you know you've had a good birthday when you wake up the next morning smelling like campfire. the day before my birthday my family got together and my sister made my favorite dinner, and my favorite cookies for dessert. heaven sakes i have fun with my family. i got my favorite...scripture scouts...and i know it sounds silly, but i can't wait to listen to them in the car. i loved listening to them as a child, and it's probably pathetic that i still like them now. if you have little kids, scripture scouts are the perfect thing to listen to in the car. it may be a little cheesy, but i think it's beyond great.
lindsey put together a little party last night and had some friends come over to grandmas for foil dinners. grandpa helped us out with getting a fire going in the fire pit and getting everything cooked. it was delicious...and so much fun!! (once it stopped raining...i've never had to worry about rain on my birthday!!!) i am a lucky girl to have such great friends. megs made the most delicious red velvet cupcakes. heavens to betsy.
overall, the birthday was above and beyond anything i could have asked for. thanks for everyones phone calls, texts, facebook posts, and for gracing me with your presence to make my birthday the best!!!

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Melissa said...

oh my cindy's hair! i almost didn't recognize her! it's lighter, yes? love it. wish i could have been there. it just gives me the excuse to go on a date with you once i'm back up.