Wednesday, August 18, 2010

amy grant

i feel like i have alot of happy memories from my childhood. and sometimes, when i think about amy's good memories. but alot of times, it's not.
i was hanging out with my cousins the other day and the topic of amy grant came up. i think that was the first cd my family owned...and it turned in to the lets-get-everybody-excited-and-pumped-to-do-saturday-chores cd.

so everytime i hear "baby, baby" i feel like i'm back in poor days having to do chores.

a few friends and i pulled up songs from that album tonight and were laughing about how many songs we could remember. and then we turned it off because we felt like it was saturday chore time.

i had a great birthday today. i'll blog about it when i get pictures. i'm grateful for wonderful family and great friends that made this birthday fantastic.

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Melissa said...

amy grant? was i born??