Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dear future husband,

I was thinkin' about you today...not in a mushy romantic dreamy way, but the realistic day to day life kind of way. I had a few thoughts...

I hope you know how to dance in the car. You don't have to be good, but it would be great if you were willing to try - at least go along with it. Driving today I had two ooberly good car dancing sessions. As much fun as it is to dance by myself in the car, I've actually learned it's more fun done in pairs.

Speaking of the car, I hope you like to drive. I'm quite the distracted driver if I'm not careful(see above)...I would much rather be dancing and texting from the passenger seat.

I hope you like to travel. I always seem to be itchin' to get out of town for the weekend and would love a permanent travel buddy.

I hope you hate creamies. For some reason lately I've been eating those by the boat-full...I mean box full. Economy size box. I don't mind sharing, but I don't mind having them all to myself either.

I hope you're fulfilling your priesthood responsibilities. I've been studying our last conference issue of the Ensign and just finished reading talks from priesthood session. I had a new appreciation and respect for men, young and old, who actively hold and honor their priesthood and realize the blessings and responsibilities that entails. I've made a commitment to do what I can to support the men in my life who hold the priesthood.

I was secretly hoping you were in the 15th ward where I'm transferring my records...you know, try to make it easier for you. Then I laughed at myself for even secretly wishing such a thing. I'll continue to be patient...or at least try.

I hope you like TLC and HGTV. Ok, don't like it, but tolerate it. I still just really like these stations. It cannot be helped.

I hope you love holidays and you don't get mad wheb I want to make your birthday or anniversaries a big deal. I love to celebrate, I love traditions.

And I hope you don't mind eating in bed, cause I do that sometimes.


Marissa King said...

Bethany my love...you make me laugh. Marriage is exactly that, doing all your favorite things with your favorite person. And your post made me miss you. Love you oodles.

Melissa said...

i like this. a looottt. make sure he is a chiropractor, or a dentist. . . or a manicurist. for these are all things i would benefit from, directly resulting in my approval.

Ali said...

Hahahah the last one was my FAV. Eating in bed. Hahaha the crumbs. Seen that before