Wednesday, April 22, 2009


why do i feel like all i've done this week is eat. eat. eat.

i think that's the only way people know how to say goodbye to people at the end of the let's go out to eat. let's have a bbq. let's go get ice cream. i'm not opposed to such things, i'm just getting full.

last friday. dinner with a. it was great - met up with other friends and i played a good secret detective. yes, that's right.
saturday, cabin. wingers.
sunday. family dinner. chicken divan made by yours truly, and it was good.
monday. new assistant started, so we went out to lunch. i should have had my left overs for dinner, but instead i went up to slc for a date. of course. we went out to dinner.
tuesday. lunch with m&g. out to dinner with a deary dear in from out of town. oh how i LOVE sitting out on the patio, getting some sun, and talking love life with doris day.
today. i had lunch plans with a long lost friend, but they were postponed because it's secretaries day and the firm sent us out to lunch to carrabas. mmmmm. don't worry. i met up with that long lost friend later....for dinner. and that cafe rio salad was good. thanks j.

we got home from cafe rio to a smoothie party at my house, and best of all - a plate of brownies from my home teachers with a note that said " A & B: we love you. HAGS. love, nick and dylan."
love those boys. but more food? it happened. that's when j reminded me what HAGS meant, and i had to giggle a bit.

so, to all of those leaving this blessed town of provo...HAGS. those who are lucky enough to stay? get ready. get ready for the non-crowded provo that i love. get ready for outdoor movies in the park. get ready for sunday afternoon walks. get ready for fires up the canyon. get ready for popsicles....alot of rootbeer popsicles. get ready for sunshine, and a cool breeze.

get ready for the best damn summer of your life.


Kayce said...

You said "Damn." But it's ok because you are quoting the best movie ever.

"Lunch has been canceled, due to lack of hustle."

Whitney said...

"I'm feeling skinny Tony!"

Kayce said...

"Congratulations Mr. Simms. You are the fattest boy in camp."