Sunday, April 26, 2009

happy sabbath

today ended up being a good day. it rained. it even snowed a bit, but by the end of the day the sun came out and it was perfect. i was lucky enough to drive up to slc to see this cute baby and her wonderful parents. could i have asked for better or more normal married friends to live across the street from me? i think not. bring on the sugar is only about to get better.

i drove home and headed upstairs in my complex to visit some girlfriends. three girls ended up on one twin bed eating chocolate and talking about boys. i felt like i was in jr. high again, but it was perfection. there were some classic one liners said in that room... very insightful, or maybe it was the chocolate talking.
don't worry. the night didn't end there. i got a call from the gubes, who is recently home from her internship in dc. my goodness, i'm always laughing when i'm with elise. always plenty to talk about, and things to catch up on. she always knows just the right thing to say. what a great friend! i'm glad she's back--for a bit anyways. she's planning on moving back to dc in june, so it looks like i'll be planning a trip to go visit!

and now, it's past my bedtime....but worth it to be up so late. happy sunday!! and to think in 3 days, i get to leave provo :)

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