Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hasta la vista, baby.

i'm outta here, so don't expect any posts this weekend. (not that you care, you non-commenting readers.... shame on you.)

i have a weekend planned in california with my fam. disneyland, heathers wedding, beach, family--perfection.

oh yeah, and sunscreen.


Andrea said...

girl. . CALIFORNIA! CALIFORNIA! enjoy my home.

kristi neil said...

whooowoooo!!! can't wait to see you. going to be a glorious weekend!

Karen said...

ewww...look at me first one to comment. I am one of those you are talking about so I am here to defend myself!! Well...sounds like a total blast I know you will have BLISTERS missy!

Gregory said...

I hope you get gas! . . . sorry, that was the jealousy talking.
Hope you have an amazing time! Soak up that beach front sun for the three of us holding the fort in Happy Valley.

Tiff said...

I care. How dare you leave me without a blog to read?
Have fun! Use your sunscreen. ;)