Monday, April 13, 2009

butterfly in the skyyyyy....i can fly twice as hiiiiggghhhh....

you're welcome for putting that song in your head for the rest of the day. if you don't know where that song is from, i feel sorry for you. please tell me you know....

i love flying. i should do it more often. alot of people i know complain about crowded airports and uncomfortable planes. not me. i love it. everything about it. well, most everything.

so here it is. bethany's list of reasons why flying is fan-tas-tic:

1. you have to admit there's something fun and exciting about airports. people leaving on adventures. people coming home from adventures. reunions galore. i love to look at people and think about where they are going and why. (now i sound like my grandma...)
2. i used to be annoyed with security and digging through your bags stuff. now it doesn't bother me. i actually enjoy going through security. it makes me feel safe.
3.people watching. do i need to explain this? the slc airport isn't as exciting as other airports...unless you're flying to vegas. that brings out the weirdies.
4. assigned seating vs. open seating. there's something about saying "i think that's my seat" or "can i sit here" that gets me out of my comfort zone. sounds silly, i know. i'm not one to talk to complete strangers and ask to take a seat, so it's kind of exciting.
5. t.a.k.i.n.g. o.f.f. - i love that feeling you get in your stomach. and i always get a smile on my face.
6. peanuts and complimentary drinks. ok, so i don't really like peanuts and i usually just get water, but it's the thought that counts, right?
7. alcoholic beverages for sale. obvioulsy i'm not buying these babies, but other people are. and these are the people that clap and shout "wahoo!!! great landing!!" at 12:30 at night when everyone is zonked on the plane and the plane landed smoothy. i was also grateful for a smooth landing, but my lack of alcohol made me keep it to myself. still, it made me giggle a bit.
8. in flight movies. this is for longer flights of course, but thank you jet blue for having my own little tv to watch. you made long flights to new york bearable, even with swollen blistered legs.
9. l.a.n.d.i.n.g.
10. reunions at the airport. was i secretly wanting someone to be there to pick me up at the airport last night? duh. that's okay, it's not like i walked home from the airport. i'd left my car there so i could just drive myself home. but there was a lucky girl who had a boy waiting there with balloons. okay, balloons are a little much, but still. he was excited to see whoever it was he was waiting for. excited enough to get pink balloons.

i love flying. short flights. long flights. all flights.


Jill said...

I love the flights that bring you home to visit! Thanks for a great weekend.

hollyhs said...

Hi Bethany!!! This is Holly Hoffman (Spears)... my parents used to live behind your parents in Boulder City... and our brothers almost killed themselves together a few times I'm sure. :) anyways, i was blog-surfing and I stumbled across you and so i thought i'd say hi! i've had such fun reading your blog for the last oh, 30 minutes... seriously... you are so clever and funny and i love your hair dark! and congrats on the transfer at work! hope things are going well!

Mindy said...

I had my first airport "reunion" returning from Cancun on Saturday night. I have been waiting for one of those my ENTIRE life!!! P.s. I get sooo excited to land (whether going or coming back) that I get too anxious while on the plane. Other than that, I think it's fabulous too. I love that you flew home. LOVE IT.

Mindy said...

P.s. Reading Rainbow.