Sunday, April 5, 2009

miracle whip.

some of you may know about the tragedy that happened in my life last conference. i lost my phone. gone. finished. so long, farwell. it was a stinky situation, and my contact list was GONE FOREVER. (everyone that thinks i'm obsessed with my phone, please insert smart comments here....)
let's be honest. i'm pretty sure i cried about it. it didn't take long for me to get a new phone, but what was i supposed to do with it having no numbers in it. i slowly built up my contact list again, but it was nothing like it was before. plus, i loved my old phone. no complaints. it did everything i wanted it to do, it fit perfectly in my pocket, and i was a fast little texter on that bad boy.

so i said goodbye, and tried to upgrade phones thinking it would make me feel better about my great loss. enter blackberry. it's been nice, but sometimes it's just too complicated for me to even use. it's been peachy being able to check my email and facebook from my phone....but i've always missed my old phone (silly i know).

so during priesthood session we head to grandmas, like always. the boys head off to the meeting and the girls sit around and talk. my nephews came upstairs and said they had found a cell phone that had my picture on it. WHAT?!?!? i freaked out. i was reunited with my phone. but now the dilemna. which phone to use? i know that seems like a silly question to some of you, but i'm really torn.

i know this picture is ridiculous, but the situation is ridiculous.
[ps. the braid is back. can you tell?]


Melissa said...

B. you lookin good!
and miracle whip? please explain.

Whitney said...

Melissa, because it's a miracle. You would say so too if you saw where they found it.

I think my children have secured favorite status for life.

Heather and Taylor said...

no way!! Where did they find it in the basement?? I can't believe it! 4 dayss :)

Brian, Emily, & Charlie said...

I think I'm obsessed with your new shoes. Yup. i am!!! And I love the braid. You know that I do it too. Because really, who doesn't love a good braid? You are too adorable and beautiful for words:)

Kaymee said...

LOL!!!!! you look so cute! I love your hair! don't know what to do about the phones...hmmmm...