Monday, April 6, 2009

sperry my eye.

i was wanting to get a pair of sperrys for the summer. i told myself if i was a good i could buy a new pair of shoes for the summer and not feel bad about it, even if the shoes i wanted were 70 buck-a-roos.
don't worry, i found these babies at kohls...on sale from 55 dollars to 17.99. yes. read it and weep. so i bought them in a flash. they have a cute little wedge on them that you can't really see in this picture, and i love every second that i get to wear them.
for those of you that know me well, you know the last thing i probably need is a new pair of shoes. oh well. get over it.


Kayce said...


Katie said...

Those shoes are so YOU. LOVE them. And ps, sorry I didn't get to see you while you were in Centerville. This weekend was a little insane! Love you.

Sassy Pants said...

Those shoes are what dreams are made of.

Raike said...

What a cute design.!! Those shoes are so adorable.!!