Wednesday, April 1, 2009

never have i ever

i never thought i would be happy for snow and cold. this week, i am. dang it.

i never thought i would work at an accounting firm...especially back when i was crying to my accounting professor just wanting to pass the class

i never thought i would wear pointy toed shoes. but i do. and i love them.

i never thought i could make oven-baked sweet potato fries and have them taste so dang good.

i never thought i would have my hair this short again. yes, my hair was short like this for a time growing up. not that i ever pictured myself with waist length hair, but i never thought i'd have the guts to chop it.

i never thought i would be 26 and single...but who does, right?

i never thought my relationship with my family could be this good. golden. lucky.

i never thought i'd be so excited to go to 5 guys for lunch today for lindsey's birthday.

and still....i never thought i could crave red velvet cake like i still am.


Whitney said...

I thought you hated the snow. Why do you love it this week?

I have heard about those sweet potatoe fries but i haven't tried them. Are you saying I should?

Tell Lindz HBD from me.

Ryan said...

sorry i went without you :(

Gregory said...

Wait, explain number one again . . .

Bethany said...

greg. i remember explaining that to you in person. oh the horror...

Jordan and Laura said...

In response to your comment, I am already prepared for the coming of my vampire baby. I also informed Scott McKasson that he's not allowed to be around her, because I'm worried he will imprint on her.