Thursday, April 16, 2009

my purse.

is deadly. not man vs. wild deadly, but huge might rip off your arm deadly. there are a few loved ones that make fun of me on a regular basis because i always have a huge bag...and it's full....and heavy. "what could you possibly have in there???"....well, my friends. you're about to find out.

i saw this posted on a friends blog, and decided it was time to clean out my purse. and boys always wonder whats beyond that magical zipper that their mothers told them never to open. here's the dirt:

in the purse:
  • wallet
  • a beanie (it's snowing just in case)
  • 2 journals (i've just started a new one, but not quite ready to let the old one go)
  • scriptures
  • js manual (you never know when i might have a spare minute to plan my next lesson)
  • girl things
  • 2 fiber one bars (the daily limit)
  • peach rings (in case of tax emergency)
  • my watch i decided to wear...and then decided not to wear after i left the house
  • my old cell phone that i found by some miracle (and that i am going to switch back to when i find time to go to the verizon store)
  • a wedding shower tin o' mints
  • whoops, just kidding. three fiber one bars (i had to dig...)
  • my favorite red pen
  • chapstick (in the zippy pouch. when all else fails, i know the chapstick will be there. always)
  • keys
  • water bottle

in my wallet...which is actually a clutch if you want to get technical:

  • calendar
  • a check i haven't deposited for over a month. (i think that means i can't cash it. i mean, i know i could...but my inner jiminy cricket is telling me i've waited too long.)
  • a FREE TURKEY coupon. i need to get on that.
  • a letter to lyric that i haven't mailed....from january
  • insurance cards
  • my favorite picture of the nauvoo temple
  • list of goals for 2009 (and yes, 4 things are crossed off. that's like one a month!)
  • my drivers license...that people laugh when they see. i really need a new one. it's actually in my wallet backwards so people don't see it when i open my wallet
  • insane amount of papers
  • checkbook (who writes checks anymore??)
  • gift cards

basically i could have condensed the list to just say " my life " ...but that's not really exciting. not that this list is either, but still. I usually have my camera in my purse, in which case i would add pictures of the inside of my purse, but that might just be too disturbing.

there you have it. no more mysteries. shoot. maybe this was a bad idea....i'm supposed to be more mysterious, right? so sorry to dissappoint. :)

ps....i just upped my daily quota of fiber ones to three. today only. dig deep into your purse special :)

pss...remember how i'm the only one here in my whole department today? you better believe i've kicked off my shoes and am ready to jam to music while i get my quarterlies done.


Kayce said...


Katie said...

I am TOTALLY stealing this idea...and I think my monstrous purse will outdo yours!

And PS, thanks to your little blog post about Fiber One bars, I am now ADDICTED!!! I keep them stocked both in my car and my house!

Mindy said...

I'm pretty sure I missed something with the fiber bars you talk about so much. What's the deal?

Andrea said...

you make me laugh. thank you.

Linze Kate said...

We call mine a Mary Poppins bag! Haha... Yours sounds the same!!!

Emily said...

I'm giggling about your inner Jimminy Cricket!! Love it. Love you!

Maybe this will be my next "list it" theme....