Sunday, February 8, 2009

what a day!!

saturday was a BUSY day!! I was able to go to the temple, and lucky enough to have friends and family join me. i was afraid it would be rainy and cold, but it ended up being a beautiful day.

we've been talking about a sugar shack reunion in white for a long time, and it finally happened. i know you've heard me talk about the sugar shack before. it was the best living experience of my college the sugar shack with these lovely ladies. i was so grateful the cindy flew up to be with me this weekend. my goodness, i'm grateful for good friends.

this is by far my favorite picture of the day. my mom refers to ryan as my "twin", and i agree with her. i sure love rhino and am glad to have him in provo with me :)

i love my immediate family, and we sure missed nathan. (he's on his mission right now) it was a lot of fun to have all of my family there, and something i won't be forgetting any time soon...

i am a lucky girl. i'm sad we didn't get everyone in the picture, but i was so grateful to have so many people there with me. there is a lot of love in the picture. a lot of love.

we went home after the temple and had people over for lunch. it was fun to sit around and chat with people. i didn't get to sit and chat for long before i headed up to bountiful for the long awaited baby shower for megan. aunt barbara did an amazing job. the food was delicious and the company was to die for. i laughed my face off, and it was perfect. (ps...can't wait for that babe to get here....)

i left straight from the baby showe to meet up with 20 cousins for the cousin bowling extravaganza. and it was an extravaganza. we had five lanes all next to eachother, and i don't have words for the fun at olympus lanes. and yes, one cousin bowled a 198. WHAT?!?!?

this is the clan. are you jealous? you should be.
it's hard to believe that all happened in one day. i get tired just thinking about it! loved seeing my family this weekend, spending time with dear friends and partying with my cousins. i couldn't asked for a better weekend!!


Mindy said...

Liiike ... you were endowed!? (Or were you already?) ... If the first: CONGRATULATIONS! Best day ever! :)

Kayce said...

Congrats Beth! I was thinking about you all day on Sat and I'm glad everything went so well. By the way I would be offended by the comment about your best living situation, but...well I remember the other roommates.

Bethany said...

mindy- you are correct! thanks for being excited for me! :)
kayce- thank you for remembering the other 2...and don't think i love you any less...

hf said...

Congrats! I was wondering (and jealous at the same time) why your whole fam was around. You look great!