Monday, February 2, 2009


everyone has been doing this 25 random things about you stuff. i've been tagged a few times, and i'm finally getting sucked in. hold on, this is going to be a bumpy ride...

1- some people make fun of the way i talk. i say certain words a little "chwenty" or i have "chwin" nephews...."towlet" paper... "ompen". don't try to correct me, it won't work.
2- a majority of my life, i was blonde. bleach blonde.
3- i believe in bigfoot once a year
4- i love to cook when i go home to visit my family. not having to worry if you have the ingredient or not takes the stress out of cooking for me. plus, i think i enjoy cooking for other people more than just cooking for myself.
5- my brothers used to have lizards and horney toads for pets...and i would play with them. (this almost makes me sick thinking about it now)
6-i was born in orange county, CA. one time a friend asked me where i was born and when i told him this he laughed in my i was trying to be cool after the tv shows and movies and all that jazz. i really was born in the city of Orange in Orange County CA. if i just said Orange, people would look at me like i was stupid.
7- i am not obsessed with my phone as people might think. someone called me out on this over the weekend. i am not obsessed. i am aware. last night, i left my phone at choice. so there.
8- i have a mental list of things that are a big no no. at the top of my list: never tell me i'm annoying. i don't know why that is so offensive to me, but i just don't like it. had a friend tell me this once when we were in a little tif - no dice. my eyes started bulging out of my head and i got really defensive.
9- on a regular basis i write my first name with a slew of different boy's last names. don't be alarmed. there is no harm in this, just a thing girls do. right?? i'm just practicing, and have to make sure it looks right...
10- i love sharing beds with people. when i go home to visit my family, my little sister sleeps in my bed with me. i love falling asleep talking to someone and getting my arm tickled. beb is the BEST.
11- i am a sucker for tradition. don't try to change things. that's how it's done.
12- birthdays are a big deal. for some people they are not, and i feel bad for them. every since i can remember, i've gotten breakfast in bed on my birthday, and i got to pick what mom made for dinner. tradition? i've asked for the same birthday dinner for- EVER. my mom just stopped asking and knows to make brocoli beef. mmmmmm.
13- i own five pairs of prescription glasses that i wear on a regular basis. i used to be a contacts kinda person, but i guess i'm just too lazy these days...
14- every memorial day weekend i'll be camping with about 500 extended family members at the davis family campout. tradition. dutchoven cooking, sharing a tent with cousins, a family dance, family feud...the whole nine yards. i wouldn't miss it for the world. and i will never bring a male with me unless i have a ring on my finger... (i learned from an older sibling that it can lead to a break up. sorry whit, but we like kevin better anyways...)
15- i graduated with a degree in information technology, but i really don't know much about comptuers. i don't feel like explaining this. but my degree looks real nice hanging on my wall.
16- i still use the same passwords that i had in high school. they don't make sense now, which probably makes it a better password now that i think about it.
17- i can sleep anywhere. sitting up in a chair? done. couch, floor, car, plane, loud, lights on. doesn't phase me. but ye be warned....i'm not the nicest person if you wake me up, so don't do it- or do it very nicely
18- i've been in a number of car accidents, and i don't think it's because i'm not a good driver...i just get very distracted very easily.
19- i have dance parties by myself on a regular basis. i apologize to anyone who has walked in on one of these... ridiculous and embarassing.
20- ice cold water is my drink of choice. always.
21-i own way too many shoes...and clothes. while talking to a friend on the phone once, they asked how many shoes i owned i started counting. he stopped me when i got to 75...and he let me count flip flops as a half a pair. whoops.
22- i don't drink soda. sometimes i miss it in a bad way. the only way i curb this craving is with root beer popcicles. i looooove root beer popsicles.
23-i could walk around the mall by myself for hours. it de-stresses me.
24- i talk differently when i'm with different people. when i'm with ryan, i talk like ryan. when i'm with megan and greg....i sound like greg. efy people. efy. work voice? i have one. i think cindy is the only one that knows my real voice.
25- i have a heart murmer...aka regurgitative valve. born with it. checked every 5 years. check up this friday. NOT looking forward to it.


Jen Shear & Steve Clegg said...

#24... When you're with Steve you talk like Steve :) Am I right?! I love it!

I love all 25 things and more about you Bethany! I'm also so glad that I can trust you with our little secrets :)

Katie said...

Remember that time that all four of us spooned on you bed, and we discovered that you have amazingly soft leg skin?

Melissa said...

no no no...YOU are the best.

and i agree. i believe in bigfoot once a year. thank you davis family campout.

Ryan said...

i believe bigfoot all year!

Brianna Soloski said...

Loved your list, Bethany! Good luck with your checkup. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.