Monday, February 2, 2009

why do you always have to be judging me because i believe in science...

last week i played in church, i snuck out a little early to catch a family dinner in slc. it also got me out of people giving me the obligatory high fives and "good jobs". i didn't mind.
i went to church yesterday and there were a few kind people that came up to me and talked to me about the masterpiece that was last week. (yeah right...) they were kind to remember and said nice things. (they most likely had no musical talent and so they thought that was how it was supposed to sound...tricked ya!)
i was leaving relief society when two cute girls from the ward pulled me aside and said nice things to me about playing. and then...and i quote,

cute girls: we were actually really shocked when we saw you get up to play the violin. it seemed really out of character.
me: really?? what do you mean??
cute girls: we thought you were too sassy and contemporary to play the violin, so we were shocked!
me: thanks? i'll take that as a compliment....

granted, the only way these girls know anything about me is my relief society lessons, which i could see how there's a little more sass than other teachers....and the way i dress...which i would not consider contemporary, but okay. so yes, even cute girls in your ward judge you. nice to know i could break out of the mold.

i went snowmobiling this weekend with some cousins. love this family and it was fun to go up and spend time with them. it was a beautiful day, and wonderful company. i still laugh to myself when i think of scott and i being pulled behind the snowmobile on plastic sleds. he was making me laugh so hard, i lost all strength and just had to let go. there's nothing like a face plant in the snow. now i have the body of an 80 year old woman. all those muscles i never knew i had are achin' now. gotta love it.

this is going to be a busy week. i am going to make a list TODAY of everything i need to get done...otherwise, the weekend will get here and there will be no time. AHHH!!! i hope survive. just kidding, i know i will survive. i just have to manage my time...i'm really good at that. *wink wink*

and just so i never forget it... megan and greg are home again. NEVER leave for the weekend again. last night i stopped over to welcome them back into the valley with warm muffins, and have not laughed so hard in a long time. tears were involved. oh heavens, we are funny people. whoever i marry is lucky that he will get them as instant friends. just saying.

off to make my list....

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