Saturday, February 28, 2009

basically, i'm over it.

i've been sitting at my computer for over an hour trying to make my blog look the way i want it to. i have this picture in my mind, but i'm not computer/blog savvy enough to make it that way. remember how half the people i know are graphic design people that have the cutest/coolest blogs i've ever seen?
i got frustrated. hence the white background and ugliness that you're seeing now. but guess what?? at least you don't have to look at that wretched yellow and dead tree with spring on the way. (that's for you steve...)
so this is it for a while....until i marry a graphic designer and we start a married blog and he makes it look presentable.

side note. i hate the smell of cooking fish. and yes, i'm smelling it right now in my own home. let's hope it doesn't trail into the back of the house and ruin my clean laundry smell. pee-yew.


Gregory said...

Let's just hope that Patty-Pat doesn't read your blog . . . or maybe she SHOULD. That will teach her!
I can teach you how to spice up your blog and you don't even have to marry me . . . besides, that would be weird, wrong, and illegal.

Ryan said...

i love the plainness!

Janssen said...

Ugh, it is SUCH a hassle to redesign your blog because suddenly you find a bazillion tiny issues.

I agree -wait for the GD husband! :)

Amanda said...

Try going to They have step by step instructions (plus a link to download a free photoshop program)on how to create your own background!! I also have a word copy on my computer if you would like.

Steve Lamb said...

I kept on thinking that my computer was broken or something and wasn't pulling up your background (for which I was a little grateful...) but then out of all the backgrounds you chose plain white! I like it, but it just leaves me feeling a little incomplete. Let greg help you.