Monday, March 2, 2009


tonight i was flipping through pictures on my computer, and couldn't help but have a feeling of nostalgia. it's interesting to look at pictures from years ago... and knowing at the time of the picture things would actually turn out completely different than i had imagined at the time. not in a bad way, just a very different way.
it was funny to see who i was hanging out with years ago and how we are all now in different phases of life. it made me realized how much i don't talk to people anymore...old friends i mean...and that makes me sad. this will sound silly, but it's times like this that i wish i could find my old phone with all my numbers in it. it was one of my favorite things to randomly text people i hadn't talked to in a long know--keep the friendship flame burnin'. but now, they don't call. i can't text. dust in the wind.
i was going to post a few pictures, but then it would give you direction to where my thoughts had wandered, and that wouldn't do anyone any good. but it was nice to see happy familiar faces. a nice walk down memory lane.
speaking of nice walks...the weather today was wonderful, don't you agree?? cousin lindsey and i went on a walk tonight. i look forward to walks on a more regular basis. i know i say it just about every post now, but summer could come any day and i won't complain.

well, i'm off to bed. ps...i washed my bedding yesterday, and it's beyond wonderful to climb into nice clean sheets.
and for those of you that care, here's a few quick random updates:
  • the housing hunt for next year continues. barf. i hate the thought of moving. love the idea of new surroundings.
  • i love running into random friends while out on your sunday night stroll....especially when they are strolling with a boy. lucky duck.
  • i get to drive to slc this week and hold a brand new baby. neener neener.
  • i am on episode 16 or season 3 in LOST. my goodness, did people just get buried alive? yes, yes they did.
  • i usually have my outfit for the next day picked out in my head while i lay in bed and try to fall asleep at night. right now, i have no clue what i'll wear tomorrow. with winter leaving and spring coming, it's warm enough to wear more skirts and dresses. i never thought i would look forward to that, but my goodness it sounds divine.
  • i know i haven't posted pictures in a while. i'm workin on it. sorry...
  • it's past my bedtime

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Jordan and Laura said...

Nothing like clean sheets. and Lost. and gummy bears.