Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ring out wild bells!!!

today i found out the most wonderful news. i am runner 7. lucky number seven. the most beginner runner on the team. 12.1 total miles on flat paved ground. i couldn't be happier.

okay, better news than that. the crew went up to see megan and greg and babe tonight at the hospital. loved it. baby is adorable. megan looks great. and when greg doesn't have the babe in his arms, he stands and sways back and forth holding a pillow. they are going to be amazing parents, and hopefully i can be of help to them with things with them living so close.

icing on the cake. after the trip to slc, lindsey and i stopped at an old friends house...boys from our old ward...for a little catch up session. it was long overdue. i laughed about things i hadn't thought about in a long time, and then they spilled the beans about every girl they kissed or almost kissed in the ward. and i laughed or gasped at every single one. i love those boys, and i'm kicking myself that i haven't seen them sooner. linds and i made a pact when we left that we would not go that long without another visit. i don't see that happening, because now the boys know were i live. shoot.

now it's past my bed time. tomorrow morning will come alot sooner than i want it to. dang. but it's okay, because tomorrow is wednesday=lost=mark and debras=sibling party time. gotta love that.

ps....does anyone even like the hymn ring out wild bells?? in my home ward our organist is PHENOMENAL, and she makes me like this song because she's plays the bells on the organ in church and makes it sound cool. but honestly, i never thought a song about wild bells would be in a minor key...until the last note. i don't really like this song. but it's a fun phrase to use sometimes!
pss...yes, i have pictures from the hospital tonight and the cute babe, but i'm not posting them.'s not my place to post pictures of someone else's baby on my blog. #2, meg's in her housecoat. i know, i have a picture of me in my housecoat on the blog. but i'm not really in my housecoat (meaning, i was fully clothed underneath). i would never post a picture on the blog with me "using" my housecoast. understood? good. so, if you want to see pictures of the babe, you'll have to find them elsewhere. sorry charlie.


Jenny and Josh said...

Bethany! I am runner 7 in my group. Hallelujah ! But I do have some bad news, the second leg for runner number 7 not so flat! Check it out here:
Good new is that compared to some of the other legs it's nothing. :)

Katie said...

Remember how I sang Ring Out, Wild Bells with my companion in the dark at midnight on New Years in Gettysburg, PA? Yeah, we were supposed to be asleep. But they were shooting off fireworks a block from our house, and it kind of felt like cannon balls. Don't worry that we taped our singing, and then listened to it at chipmunk speed. Weird sister missionaries...