Thursday, March 5, 2009

chilly dogs.

nope. not chilli dogs (like sonic the hedge-hog) but chilly as is cold chilly dogs. last night when i went to bed it was raining. ahhhh. i opened my window and fell asleep to the sound and smell, and it was fantastic. this morning i woke up to snow. how did that happen? the other day i felt silly for wearing a coat because it was so nice outside. hmmmm. stumped.
remember how everyone is making plans for summer? a trip here, a weekend there. wait. times out. i don't have a summer. i have a job that sticks with this same 8-5 schedule year round. and so people talk about just taking a week long trip up the coast of california, or a long weekend in st. george and i get a little sick to my stomach. this is when i kick myself and think i should have stuck with the original elementary education major. shoot.


Brad said...

i feel your pain...

Kayce said...

Bonuses of the regular job.
-Facebook and Blogging at work
-No homework
-No Parent teacher conferences
-If you take a day off of work you don't need to get a lesson plan ready for a sub.
-You can take your vacations when nobody else is on vacation.

BTW 70+ degrees everyday this week and most of last week in Denver.

Brianna Soloski said...

As an education major who is still jobless after being out of the program for two years, I can tell you I wish I had taken on some career that was 9-5.

Jenny Wells said...

TOTALLY understand. ugh.

Tiff said...

Funny - I was just wishing I had a job like yours. :)