Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you're in hot water...

except not really. last night we were out of clean utinsels at my house. i grabbed a dirty fork to wash by hand, and the water would just not get at hot as i liked. i decided that the soap killed all the germs and that i was okay to still eat with that dirty fork washed with soap in cold water.

i didn't think anything of it, really.

until i woke up this morning and let the water run in the tub for five minutes. ice cold.

there was NO hot water.

i live in an all girls complex. how can we not have hot water?? let's just say i decided that i wasn't so dirty after all and sprayed on a little extra body splash this morning. it was snowing outside, there was no way i was taking an ice bath of a shower.

it better be fixed when i get home today, and you better believe i'll take a steamy shower before i head over to mark and debs for LOST night. and yes, i'm going over an hour early to watch last weeks episode and eat valentine treats from my mother :)

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Debra said...

So- I told Ryan I'd have to kick him out of our apt. if he came over tonight with a mullet... but fortunately I don't feel the same way about unshowered bodies. So- you just come on over... clean or dirty... we'll accept you either way. :)