Tuesday, February 24, 2009

too close to home..

ok. my dad is not a lover of facebook. not a hater, but not a lover. he's actually asked me several times to delete my account. i think my parents have come to terms with my facebook existence.

facebook life. i don't have words for it, but i have a facebook life. i probably check it too often, and hope i have a secret message every time i get on. there are things i love about facebook, and things that drive me nuts. but it's a nice way to keep tabs on friends.

my dad sent me this link to this video. alright, i caved and did the whole 25 random things about me thing, but i thought i was stepping up a level of class by doing it on my blog instead of on facebook. duh. i still did it, so i laughed when i saw THIS video. i'm still laughing when they are chatting and they both stop because the other one is typing. done it. laughed at myself for it. enjoy it's goodness. laugh at yourself. and tell me your favorite part.


Bethany said...

and why am i still laughing at the kid that dropped his phone in the toiled. don't ask how. lol.

why does he remind me of someone i know...??

Andrea said...

and im in LOVE with that. . .mainly because he has so far listed just about every single reason i hate facebook as well. it's a love hate relationship in my world.

and thank you for knowing shipoopi. the. end.

Ryan said...

hey everyone i dropped my phone in the toilet and i need your numbers. dont ask me how it got there. lol hahaha

Kara said...

I love that Bethany. :)

kristi neil said...

HAHAHA best video ever.
best part: definitely the comment about dropping the phone in the toilet. join the group. join. click join. just do it. join the group.

haha thank you for that.

ckp, let's do it. you me and heath. we will schedule a time. miss you.

Brianna Soloski said...

Bethany, your blog cracks me up. Thanks for sharing this video.