Thursday, February 26, 2009


i had oatmeal for breakfast. my dad would be proud.

i slammed my own leg in my own car door. i am still trying to find an explanation for this.

i get to go to the temple.

i got to meet a senior couple that is home from their mission who served with one of my dearest friends. she gets home this summer. glorious.

my home teachers are coming over. at ten at night. better late than never, right?

i went to lunch with one of my favorite people...past (and future) roommate and cousin.

i will watch at least one episode of LOST.

i told myself i'd go running tomorrow.

and last but not i commented on a blog that i secretly stalk. i dare you to do the same.


Ali said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh my heart just skipped a beat out of pure happiness to see my link on your sidebar. Thank you Miss Stewart. love it.

Ryan said...

i never liked oatmeal as a kid cause that one time dad found a worm in whitney's bowl. it changed me forever.

Whitney said...

Dad never found a worm in my bowl. Either that, or I blocked out the memory of it.

Brad said...

extra protein!!