Tuesday, February 10, 2009

crazy talk.

in case you're wondering, i think i was on crazy pills this morning. last year my work put a team together for a "little relay race". they've been talking about putting together another team this year. i know it was not such a "little" race, but i was still tempted. they announced in staff meeting that we'll have two teams in the office to compete against eachother. really?? and then i got thinking it wouldn't be such a bad idea for me to train for such a "little" relay race. so i sent the email and committed to being on a team. then i got online to do some research. word for the wise-do you research online before you commit.
click on this little link to get information on how my team of

12 runners
will be running from
logan to park city.
read it and weep, sister.


so there you have it. i've printed off my training schedule, and i can't back out or they will make fun of me at work. i am secretly excited about it. it will be a great way to get to know people at work better, and there's nothing like running my leg of the race at one in the morning with my headlamp on. sound like fun? you betcha.


Jill said...

Go sista girl! You got soul.

Katie said...

Wow...I'm impressed... Let me know how that goes for ya ;)

Whitney said...

"Think of it as a 178 mile party with 12 best friends."

Done. You are my idol. Ask Brent- this might be the same race he did.

Jenny and Josh said...

I am running in Ragnar too! and I am terrified!! Good Luck!

DeeAura said...

BUT YOU'LL DIE!!! Well...maybe you won't. But I would. :)

Kayce said...

You are not doing this race. I refuse to let you. My legs are cramping up just thinking about it. Do you remember how you reacted to watching "What Lies Beneath?" This is my reaction to this race.

This is along the same lines as people saying they want to run a marathon to say they did it. Well I'm never going to run a marathon so I can say I never ran next to someone with bloddy nipples who peed on himself. Seriously, props to the people who can do this, but it's insanity.

I will offer you an option. Continue training and come out this summer and hike a 14er with me. It's much more satisfying to have that view at the top than it is to crawl into Park City and collapse at 3 in the morning.

Tell them you've developed a heart condition, or that you have a wedding to go to the day of the race now. If you don't want to lie, I will find someone to marry and get married on that date so you don't have to run this.

I will encourage you in anything else, but not this. You will not lose my respect by backing out of this.

Ryan said...

i will come ride my bike right along side you the whole way!

Lindsey Robb said...

I am not joking. You and me are one and the same. So 3 weeks ago my friends came begging me to sign up for a relay with them and that they needed just one more person and that the deadline was that day. I said yes, and guess what... I find out I am running the 189 mile Ragnar Relay the end of this month here in Arizona from Prescott to Mesa. You better believe I just got back from the gym because I don't want to die! What was I thinking! Talk about motivation to get in shape though! Good Luck!