Wednesday, September 21, 2011

grandma beth

is it sad that it's only 9:18 and i'm tired? like ready for bed tired. would it be bad if i really went to bed?? i'm thinking about it.
icing on the cake, i don't feel too hot. maybe it's because i've been eating this yogurt.....but dairy doesn't always sit so well in my tummy.  i've always liked yogurt, but swore it off when i figured out dairy and i were not friends. but this yogurt??? worth the fight.

my sewing machine is still out, which is great. my roommates might hate it, but i hope someday in my house there is a place for me to keep my sewing machine out all of the time. i'm making a skirt for myself. i made one for my friend was nothing special but it turned out ok. i'll keep you posted on this skirt and show you the finished product.

ok, this might be the real reason i feel ill. two words: limited edition.

remember how greys starts tomorrow. biggest loser on tuesday. blah blah blah. welcome back, good tv. and in case you're wondering, that red shirt might say utes down the side of it. i've always been one to go with the flow. i nevewr went to byu, but i own byu shirts. i figure it's about time i widen my wardrobe options...

this is my new necklace. these charms started out as a bookmark from a rs meeting i went to. i changed it up and put them on a necklace. it's not the best picture, but i love it. i've never been a huge jewelry person, but i think this is a good compromise.

tomorrow is a girls night out with my sisters and girl cousins. baby shower for sil halie, who is due any day now. i might just lose my mind when that baby is born. i'm ready for a newborn in my life...i just hope ryan and halie don't get sick of visitors, and by visitors i mean me basically moving into their house so that i can see this child as much as i can.

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Heidi said...

Two things....
One, I remember that you and dairy don't get along well. That is how we became such good friends! Ha ha ha!
Two, RYAN IS HAVING A BABY???? Wow! That is so exciting. Tell him congrats!
Miss ya heaps; If you know that!

Whitney said...

A post of real life. Love the details.

I miss ya heaps too. Or you miss me heaps, whichever makes more sense to you.