Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wehadababy itsaboy

ryan and i are two peas from the same pod. ever since high school days, we've been making plans. we always joked about having a double wedding, making sure our future spouses were approved by the other, family trips, and making sure our children would be the best of friends.
our kids won't only be the best of friends, but we wanted to make sure that their names just rolled off the tounge when you said them together. we were thinking regal, stately names. we came up with charles and richard, and then we could call them chuck and dick. what cool cousins they would be.
i was beyond thrilled to find out that ry and hay were expecting, and the day they found out it was a boy, that was my first question for ryan.
"what's his name gonna be?"

FRANK. i love it.

it all started as a joke, really. and then it caught on. from siblings to grandparents, he's frank. i'm mean, seriously...they have a completely normal name picked out, and that will be his name...but i'm afraid that frank will be a nickname that's gonna stick for, well, the rest of his life.

so last week we had a party for frank. sisters and cousins. thanks, whit, for opening up your home for us to come and party hard. (doesn't it look like we are partying hard? fabric, irons and onesies??) what can i say, we know how to have a good time. notice how we're all in this picture? it's because my nephew took it. way to go, sugar pie.

dear frank,
can't wait to meet you.
sorry you and charles won't be the same age, but i have a feeling that won't stop you from being the best of friends.

aunt b.


Caitie said...

they turned out so cute! Thanks for planning that beth-it was a blast :)

Whitney said...


Leanne said...

yay for ryan and halie and baby frank :) and yes, you and ryan are like twins...its true. by the way, you look so good H! i miss you. when are you coming to st. g?

halie said...

so much fun!! thank you again to you and Whit for putting all of that together for me! it was a blast!