Saturday, October 1, 2011

life is interesting

just when i feel like i have a grip on life, i realize, well...that i don't.

there are alot of things that are important to me in life.
good living situation.
success at work.

mostly when i "catch up" with people this is the stuff we talk about. it's my close friends and family that know the things that are very important to me. like deadly important. like spill your guts important.

the gospel and my relationship with the Savior.
eternal families.

i kind of joke around about marriage in some social circles. i always have the same line i tell my grandparents when i see them, or the same story to some of my co-workers that are convinced that my husband is waiting for me to find him online and convert him to the church.
there are also those poor souls that know how i really feel about the matter. who know about my real concerns. my real desires. my real fears. and i'd venture to say there is one person who knows the whole kit and caboodle. these people are lucky enough to hear beth's overloaded brain, and have to hear about the rollercoaster my heart and mind seem to ride.

and just when i think i have a grip on things, i remember that i'm not in charge. as tough as it is sometimes, i'm happy to hand over the reigns. trust in God. know that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

so i'll continue to work on the things in my life that are important to me and live my life in a way that the things that are very important to me can remain a part of my life.

ps. i was very happy to hear sister thompson's talk in general conference this morning about personal revelation. how lucky we are to be able to have inspiration come to us straight from God. to be able to ask for guidance, and then receive it. to know that He trusts us to make our own decisions using our agency, and then continue to guide us as we make our choices.

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Whitney said...

I'm so glad crafting came before church on your list of priorities.

Kidding. Good post.

Love you