Thursday, January 22, 2009


you've more than doubled in followers in one day. i'm proud to call you mine. but you are still shy of the required amount for me to speak of mustaches. sorry.

it's going to be raining the rest of the weekend. when it rains in utah, i miss my mom. growing up, every time it mom made cookies. fact: it doesn't rain much in the desert, so cookies were a fun treat. we knew that if it barely sprinkled at school, we would come home to hot cookies. just another reason i love my mom.


Meggera said...

What a coincidence... I JUST made cookies! I missed you tonight... so much that I took a 2 hour nap and missed the first 15 minutes of Smallville... what a tragedy.

Kayce said...

Rain in Provo=Snow in Sundance. Too bad you don't like snow or that would be a great day for you.

I kind of hope you don't get more followers because I don't really want to hear about the mustache, unless you are talking about mustachioed men. Feel free to do a post about Tom Selleck. Yaow.

Gregory said...

You SHUT UP and tell us about mustaches! We deserve it! . . . your loyal followers that is.