Tuesday, January 27, 2009

picky picky picky

i never thought i was a picky eater. but let's be serious.

i was over at megan and gregs last night, and we got on the topic of movies. there is a long list of classics that greg has not seen. megan and i were shocked. (okay, there are some on the list that i hadn't seen either...but hello dolly??? singin' in the rain???? come on now...) so we made a list. movies that need to be watched. and it was a long list. (poor greg)
enter the peanut butter cookies. i first declined because they were crunchy cookies. i don't like crunchy cookies. greg said he would get me some milk. WHAT?!? are we friends? thats when i admitted that i never in my life remember pouring a glass of milk to drink. glass of milk to dunk oreos in...milk over my cereal...but when i'm done, i just dump it in the sink. i have never drank (drunk...drunken...dranken...shoot, i don't know) a glass of milk.
payback time. greg made a list for me of food i need to eat. megan kept listing off food and was shocked when i said i didn't like it, and even more shocked when i admitted i've just never tried it before. okay, i admit...sometimes i just get it in my head that it's gross, so i won't even go there. sometimes i get it in my head that fruit is supposed to be cold, hence warm cobbler is gross. peanuts are saltly, so mixing them with sweet chocolate is a no no. where did this warped thinking come from? no clue. but it's there.

so here's my list:
a fun size snickers (truth. i have never tasted a snickers bar)
a small glass of milk (yes, i made them specify small)
shrimp with cocktail sauce (sick)
cherry pie. (i've only ever had pumpkin pie...or that chocolate creme stuff.)
pecan pie
warm cobbler

there might be more, but i've chosen to forget. i know what most of you are thinking. easy, right? i looked at that list like my mom had just handed me a list of chores. gross. so everytime greg watches one of his movies from the list...i have to eat something nasty. at least i get to watch a good movie, and at least greg gets to eat something he likes. and lucky megan has the best of both worlds.


DeeAura said...

holy. crap. Trick, I drank so much milk when I was little, my grandparents started making sure they were all stocked up when our family came to visit. I preferred it to water, soda, and juice. Things have changed, now, of course, and I drink more than my fair share of water for sure, but...still...hahha! You and my roommate would get along in your picky eater-ness. Good for you. Thanks for being willing to try...lol.

Ryan said...

we can always change

Whitney said...

Looking at that list, I don't think you are picky. Does that mean I'm picky too?

I don't think picky applies to desserts either. If something is high in calories, I tell myself I have awesome willpower and it's better to not know what I'm missing. Better to spend the calories on something I know I like.

Brianna Soloski said...

Cobbler is sort of like pie, so if you've had a warm fruit pie of any kind you might be able to get out of the cobbler thing.

Gregory said...

You seem to have conveniently forgotten JAM and BRUSSEL SPROUTS!

Janssen said...

I don't particularly like nuts, but combine them with something sweet and I'm in! :)

Bethany said...

dee...i don't know that i am willing to try. more like forced to try. i will survive.

i know whit. it's part of my "diet" to not try those things. notice there are no vegtables on the list....lies. brussel sprouts. and greg just added that on there cause they are nasty and he wants to see me suffer.

brianna- killing two birds with one stone is a fantastic idea, but might make for the worst night of my life. it might just be worth it though...

janssen- welcome to the blog! i wish i could like nuts...maybe i'm eating the wrong nut and chocolate mixtures?? maybe i'll never know...