Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i feel like i tricked you into following my blog. i'm okay with that. but i feel like i made the mustache story update sound blog worthy. well, you decide.

we all know i was worried about having my blonde semi-stache grow back in jet black. remember that dear friend that suggested that was a possibility? i've been paranoid ever since. well, until my little non-mustache grew back. blonde as can be. :)

don't think it was all fun and games. i felt like i had whiskers growing in for a few days, which is not a pleasant feeling. is that what boys feel like every day? it felt weird. i know girls complain about shaving their legs...but really, we have it pretty easy. girls: take the nasty prickly feeling on your legs and imagine it on your FACE. yeah, thats right. at least i can wear pants and no one knows i'm prickly. extra blessings go to boys with dark facial hair that you can see and have to shave even more often (lucky boys that have blonde fuzzies...). and just so you know ... not that i'm encouraging you not to shave, but your little scruff is quite attractive and manly. just saying.

what have we learned from this "experience" :

  • don't veet your upper lip if it's not necessary

  • don't ever take for granted the feeling you have in your upper lip, and don't veet it and lose feeling to fully understand what i'm saying. just take my word for it.

  • girls have it easy when it comes to shaving. (i may take this statement back when it's summer time and i'm expected to shave on a regular basis...)

  • having a prickly upper lip is just plain weird...for a girl anyway

  • just because you veet off a blonde mustache, doesn't mean it's going to grow back black...although it could. maybe i was just a lucky survivor

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