Wednesday, January 28, 2009

nathan's outta beeeeedddd!!!

last night my sister came down to do some shopping with me. love her for it. after we were done, we met up with my two brothers and sister in law for a last minute sibling dinner. whitney doesn't get away from the kids much, so even though we missed kevin and the boys, it was fun to sit around and talk about the good ol' days...and we did.
it was good to laugh about growing up on worthen circle. we used to think that house was so big. we talked about the long hallway upstairs and the boy's bedroom that was huge. it would be funny to go back and walk through that old house...i have a feeling it would seem very small. we talked about sneaking on the stairs to watch tv after we were sent to bed, pet lizards, the boys dares to sneak out of bed...only to yell "nathan's outta beeeed" when he's halfway down the hall, secret haircuts, babysitting terror stories, running away and hiding behind the neighbors house, sneaking into the pantry, climbing trees, and running through the desert-barefoot.
it all seems so long ago. probably because it was so long ago. it was weird to sit with a majority of my siblings and update eachother on our lives. weird to not have my parents there. weird to not have my other siblings there.
the older i get, the more i appreciate my family. the fam is coming up next weekend, and i'm thrilled about it. can't wait for them to get here. cindy's comin too. lucky me? you betcha.
speaking of family time...tonight is LOST. the new family tradition? we watch lost together. a family that watches lost together....stays together. at least that's what i've been telling myself. and you wanna know what i'm doing this weekend? watching lost. my brother got season 1 for me. so unless i get that phone call from a real live person, you know where i'll be. lame? yes. but i don't care.


Whitney said...

I loved it too.

hf said...

Sounds like so much fun. Makes me miss my fam more than ever. We had one of those sibling get togethers about a year ago. Doesn't ever seem like enough. You guys crack me up!

Have a great time this weekend!