Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the ga-rose-er-ee store

i love when a quick trip to the grocery store turns into a secret rendezvous reunion that you were never expecting.

what made my day great:
  • my terrorist meeting i had this afternoon. no details needed. just think of the best scenario and know that it was a million times better than my meeting.
  • running to the store during my "quick" lunch break to "quickly" grab something and head back to work...only to run into a long lost friend and talk in the aisle...for an hour.
  • american idol. signed, sealed, delivered...i'm yours. as awkward as it can be to watch at times, i just can't change the channel.
  • my self-improvement/goal setting class i had this morning. it was actually beneficial and made me think about a few things. when i have time (next week) i will re-read the info we got and take some good notes.
  • it didn't snow today. i love wearing open toed shoes and not freezing the toesies off.
  • the most ridiculous/inappropriate youtube video i have ever seen. "i like it better than mangos. i'd rather have it than all the melons in the world!" sick.
  • dinner with the larsens. chit-chatting with the larsens. a visit from lindsey. apples with the larsens.
  • chips.

what made my day not so great:

  • when you make mistakes at work, you learn from them and move on. unless they deal with alot of money. then you fix the problem as quickly and quietly as possible. (i fixed the problem, mostly....after a few minor heart attacks. duh, bethany.)
  • it's time for quarterly reports. with all of my advisors leaving the office all of next week, i have to have everything done before they leave so they can review the goodies. reports didn't even come in the mail till late this afternoon. talk about a time crunch.
  • i hate automatic page numbering...and i don't care that page 3 actually says page 2. get over it.
  • chips.
  • the only patch of ice in the entire parking lot was directly outside the door of my car. talk about the perfect parking place. no. i did not fall, luckily.

overall good day. tomorrow will be better. why you ask? because i will only be a day away from picking up cinda from the airport. yes yes yes.

and cindy...if you read this and i don't remember to tell you, please bring your js manual on the plane and read lesson 25. i'm teaching on sunday and we will discuss it when you get here. thanks sugar.


Kara and Bryan said...

Bethany! How are you! I found your blog on Ambers! I hope that all is going well!

Bethany said...

kara as in the old condo kara? i'm sorry...i'm having a lapse of memory. i'm making sure i know who you are so i can love you.