Saturday, January 3, 2009

saturday is a special day

i love saturdays like this. the ones you have nothing planned, but you have things to do. things to do if you want to do them, that is. i need to clean my room. i need to go to the verizon store. i need to start planning my lesson.... but if i don't do them, it's not the end of the world?
this morning i woke up and headed straight to ali's room for the classic saturday morning tradition. climb in her bed. talk about friday night's events, tell eachother what we dreamed about, plan the day, laugh about sugar shack memories. i'm sure glad ali's back in town. we got up and make whole wheat pancakes and eggs in my new egg pan santa brought me for christmas. lindsey came over for breakfast. what a fantastic start to the day. the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher is going and we even vaccumed the family room.
i got sick on new years day. not like i'm ill and can't get out of bed sick, but stuffy/runny nose/ why am i feeling this kind of pressure in my head sick. i've been walking around my house with kleenex stuffed up the nostril to stop the dripping, and a roll of toilet paper under my arm. ali took a picture of it, but i look so gross and pathetic, it will not be posted. sorry charlie. luckily, it's just my nose and should only last a couple of days.
i get to teach the lesson in rs in 2 weeks on President Monson's talk "finding joy in the journey". i've been reading through it and would encourage everyone to go look up the talk and do the same. it really is a wonderful message and i'm excited that i get to teach it.
life really is great right now. i'm excited about the prospects of a new semester and what i will be able to learn. new people to meet, new lessons to learn, new fhe group to love...i'm really looking forward to new experiences and a new attitude towards life., if you read this, the new tires are working great! even on all of the frozen ice and snow that is provo.

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Ali said...

beautiful, beautiful saturday morning. And afternoon. And evening. Who are we kidding, we blessed.