Tuesday, January 20, 2009

all natural

don't you love when people ask if that's your natural hair color? (i'm sure girls understand that question better than boys, but still.)
no. my hair is not my natural hair color. when i was litle, i had cute blonde hair. as i got older, it was not so cute. i think it's continued to get darker as i get older. i've actually been told at the hair salon that i have dirty blonde or ashy blonde hair. please tell me WHAT sounds good about either of those descriptions.
when i started college, i had several girlfriends at hair school. done. they started bleaching it. blonde was all i knew, and you better believe i was bleach blonde for most of my college career. (i know, there are many of you that don't know me from the blonde days. if you did and you are still my friend, i love you for it.) i went to a salon wanting to tone down the bleach blonde look, asking them to put in some brown to warm it up. next thing i knew, i had brown hair. and the rest is history.
don't worry that i am going grey. yes. i am 26 and going grey. does it bother me? no. does it bother me when people point it out to me? ***no***. such is life. i got over it when someone told me yesterday my hair looked amazing shortly after i had colored my hair myself. it helped that she was a cute little stylish thing, too.
so there you have it. my natural hair color? dirty/ashy blonde with hints of grey. will you ever see it in it's natural state? not in this lifetime. i'll stick with the natural match 4N, which doesn't pick up the ashy or red tones in my hair and gets me compliments from cute stylish girls who really know a thing or two about hair.


DeeAura said...

*confession* I was also bleach blonde for the first few years of my college career. Oh, and maybe for some of high school. I admire my long-time friends for sticking it out with me. I share your dirty-blonde/ashy woes. :)

Whitney said...

You are NOT going grey. I don't believe it. It's just blonde roots, dear.

Katie said...

By the way, you never showed me your blonde pictures, as you promised. And Dee, YOU were bleach blonde? Pretty sure I need to see those pictures too...

Mindy said...

Blonde. Huh. Never woulda guessed.

Melissa said...

'madre? when did you go grey?'
'mid twenties.'
that means in about 10 years i'm gonna be grey too.
no biggie.
i'll dye your hair if you dye mine.