Thursday, January 22, 2009

i joined

the millions of lost fans. went over to my brothers tonight to watch THREE hours of lost. what am i doing this weekend? well, playing in church...and other things, but mostly just watching lost. and, so people don't judge me for sitting on the couch all day, i might just hide in my room and watch seasons on my laptop. okay, let's be serious. if a real person invites me to do something, i'll have to take that offer over lost....but right now, i have my weekend planned.
playing in church. did you know i play the violin? suprise! i took private lessons all through middle and high school. played in the school orchestra, and even the city orchestra. you have to try out for that baby. and at one point, i was even first chair. read it and weep. i haven't played in a while, and i'm lucky enough to get to play this sunday. do i know what i'm playing? nope. and it's thursday. i should get on that.

ps. another show i'm hooked on is alias. i went through a major alias phase last year before i started efy. i watched 4 out of 5 seasons and then quit cold turkey. i knew i wouldn't have time to watch alias and do efy.....and then a part of me died. okay, not really, but i really would like to know how things turn out. but now it's been so long that i've forgotten details, so i've decided i better start over. and i'm happy about that. so now the dilemna. what do i do first? lost???? or alias. i hate hard choices....


Kayce said...

I'm inviting you to come over and watch Lost. I love it!!!!! Oh and I'm going to start Alias soon, because I really like all things JJ Abrams. Including Fringe which is another show you should watch. It's not as "I have to watch the next episode right now" as Lost and Alias, because the episodes aren't as much of cliffhangers, but it is good.

DeeAura said...

Hahha. Sorry I couldn't help you out with the whole violin thing. Trick, HOW have we never talked about this?? I was first chair for two years!!! Then I quit. Yep, I'm cool. DUMMY. :)

Ummm...LOST is my favorite show of all time. ALIAS was my favorite until LOST came along. I have all the seasons, fyi. (Of Alias.) I'm working on my LOST seasons. Because it rocks. Really. Rocks. But now you know. That's all. :)