Sunday, January 11, 2009


yes. we had cleaning checks again. and yes, we passed. again.
so the real question is, is my room still clean?
i would take a picture and post it, but i'm not at home right now. it's kind of clean. but when i got home last night and my clothes from the dryer had been dumped in a pile on my bed, i wasn't in the mood to fold them up nicely and put them all away. so they are in a very "nice" pile on the floor. take that for what it's worth. at least they're clean, right?


d e r e k said...

Cleaning checks? Do you still live in the dorms? I don't get it.

Bethany said...

worse. byu approved housing. ick.

Mindy said...

Cleaning checks. Awesome. Are you a frosh in college again on campus?