Thursday, September 23, 2010

i thought i was done with this

Remember how I love my job? Great.

Now, remember how I'm working to become certified at work? Kind of a big deal. They give me tools and books to study, practice tests, and even give me time to study at work. Fantastic.

Except, I hate to study. It was one of the reasons I believed college was ruining my life (thank goodness for perspective). I don't think I'm good at studying. I was never one to hit the books at the library. I just don't learn that way. There always seems to be too much information and I'm horrible when it comes to weeding out the information you don't need. I think I'm what people call a hands on learner. Forget the books. Just show me and I'll catch on much quicker.

So I'm making flashcards to help me learn the anatomy of the eye...a little more my style. Let's hope that all I'm reading about refractive light and primary angle closure glaucoma and extra ocular muscles sticks. My heavens, the eyeball is complex...