Monday, December 8, 2008

freeze your fest

good weekend. friday i went home and had all my cleaning done by about 7. i went out to dinner with megan and greg, had a lovely chat, and ended the night with sisterhood of the traveling pants 2. what more could a girl ask for, really? i'm such a sucker for those kinds of movies, so megan and i ate it up...greg fell asleep.
ok, lets be honest. i didn't feel like cleaning the blinds in my room. i didn't even wipe out the window sill...i know, what a slacker. so i decided to try something. i decided i would sleep in. the bed is right in front of the window. guess what. it worked. i heard a little head peek in at my "clean room" and out she went. did we pass?? sure did. dusty blinds and all. so it worked out. i was tired anyways, so sleeping in was a bonus. and i only had to clean 2 sets of blinds this month instead of three. merry christmas to me.
saturday i did a whole lot of nothin. read through my lesson for next week, watched a few random parts of different movies, watched elder wirthlins funeral, took a nap, and then got ready for the night. what was that night, you ask? freeze fest. do i need to explain? maybe all you need to know is that there was a dance and i went with the dearest brother ryan. basically, thats it. dance the night away. they had ice skating and broom hockey and cookie decorating, but ryan and i were at the dance...and had a blast.
sunday was great like always. we had some friends over for a waffle extravaganza while we watched the christmas devotional. loved it.
and now it's monday. back at work. i've already crossed a few big things off my list this morning, which is a good feeling. and i just realized this is a boring post, but now i've typed it and don't want it to go to waste. sorry. no exciting news. no funny stories. no real insight into the life that is Bethany Stewart. oh, but here's something. you are allowed to comment on this baby. remember how there are people that read this that i don't even know about? i think that's great. but let's be serious, when no one comments, no one cares. which is fine. but if no one cares, i won't post. see how that works? tricky, i know. so i dare you to leave a comment. double dog dare you. thats all.


Kayce said...

Darn you and your double dog dares.

Andrea said...

amen to the if no one comments then the posts stop coming. . .except for me i tend to post anyway. . . but don't really love it as much as when someone comments. (you see now right now because of your double dog dare i thought i'd see how random i could get my comment. . .although some of the comment mostly the top part is truly how i feel). . . well . . all of the above and that i think you are great and i love your face and am glad i got to see it if even for a bit while i was there. . . and please keep posting you make me laugh. . im selfish like that.

Brian & Emily said...

We LOVE YOU!!! And miss you too much. And a big double amen to the no comment-ness. I think aside from when people have music on their blog that comes blaring out of nowhere when I try to catch up on them, commentless readers are my biggest blogging pet-peeve. Don't mind that sometimes, I am one of them...sometimes:)

Adam R. said...

comment. that's all you gettin'