Saturday, December 20, 2008


i drove home with my brother today. alone. we had to drive separate cars because i'll be heading back to utah long before ryan makes the trip. ryan had his roommate with him, and i was jamming by myself. it was good and i had plenty of time to think, which was needed. i was fine. till ryan passed me and was having a dance party in his car. all the sudden, i was jealous. i called ryan and told him to never make me jealous like that...and then he had his brilliant idea. i tuned my radio station to the same one he had for his iTrip. and we were in business. he played tunes for me the rest of the trip.and to remind you how good of a brother i have...he called me and we put our hands over our hearts and had a moment of silence when we drove past the place the blue bullet died. what a good car that was (please sense the sarcasm...) but it was a funny memory, with the flames and all. it made me grateful that i was driving home in a reliable car.since i've been home i've already eaten twice my body weight. and we haven't even had a sit down meal. i feel like i've been constantly eating.another thing i learned today. i stopped at my little sister's basketball game on the way home. in a normal sporting event, i'm not very vocal. get to me a byu game and i'll clap when a touchdown is made and sing alot with the fight song. watch a game on tv...i'll watch it, while i check my facebook. but put me a game where i have a sibling playing? all the sudden i become vocal. i don't know what the deal is, but it was a fun game. they won by 7...that's my girl.overall, it's good to be home. it was nice to walk in my house and take it all in. christmas decorations, smells, the kitchen table full of goodies and crafts. it's nice to lounge around. it will be nice to go to my home ward tomorow. love being home. excited for next week. ryan and i have already talked to the siblings about our music video....hopefully it will really happen!! :)
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Gregory said...

...I thought you WERE going to have a driving buddy... So pretty much NICE LIFE until January 5th, huh?

Hope you have a great time with family. It feels so nice, doesn't it?

Bethany said...

i love how plans fall through like that....we'll talk soon.

Mindy said...

I really like you. I have always known this since we met that fateful Sunday evening when you were in my BC group. But this post made me remeber exactly how much I like you. You.are.fantastic. The end. :)

Ryan said...

good thing we didnt crash during that dance party!