Saturday, December 13, 2008


How do you end a week long tribute to Nauvoo? I don't know that there is a perfect way to do it. Quite simply, a semester in Nauvoo changed my life. I had a friend who has been reading these post ask me "how has Navuoo changed your life?" I was speechless and just sat there with a smile on my face shaking my head. I guess the appropriate question would be "how has Nauvoo not changed my life. The people, the experiences, the teachers, the service misisonaries, the trips, the church sites, the gospel learning, the temple. I am a different person now than I would have been without that semsester. I think everyone ever to attend a semester there could say the same, but at the same time...not be able to put a finger on it. I am so grateful I was able to participate in such a unique experience. I only wish the program was available still for my younger friends and siblings. dang, did they miss out.

This video could quite possibly be one of the funniest memories from Nauvoo. I don't know if it's even fair to have a list of funny memories. There's so many memories, it would be ridiculous to even try to start making a list. van rides, late nights in the craft room, "studying", cp's, dance parties, secret club meetings, bus trips....
i remember the last night, all the rules were out the window. girls on the boy's floor, boys on the girl's floor. no bedtime. all fun. i told kayce that i had written my top ten list of boys i wanted to kiss from nauvoo under my know, just for fun. she came to me later to tell me she had done the same thing...with SHARPIE MARKER. had i really made such a list? heavens no, but i ran to her room and took a little glance at hers. and without further is her list:
okay just kidding. i don't really have her list. but she had one. hahahahahahha.
okay really though, back to the movie. watch it. love it. remember Nauvoo.

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Kayce said...

Oh, I didn't know that was supposed to be 10 boys you wanted to kiss, I thought it was 10 boys that were in Nauvoo, and I think I got them all. Thanks so much for that beth. Is that what I get for all the time I took to get those videos posted? Well, see if I write the words to farewell Nauvoo now. :) Good times. Let's go back.