Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i love to see the temple. is that the best view you've ever seen? it never got old coming around that bend and back to the jsa, no matter how many trips you made into burlington.

this is the view of the temple from the quad of the jsa. is it just me that remembers when the boys bought pellet guns and chased a skunk around...until they got caught? (the boys, not the skunk...)here's a memory for you. i remember being up past curfew (remember how they gave us a quiet curfew and then would check on us?? it was never fun to get a knock on your door!!) i was up late in heidis room and got caught more than once. i don't remember how many times we ran across this quad because we were late for class. whoops.

we were always trying to find things to do, and by the end we were pretty good at entertaining ourselves. at times, our entertainment was borderline mischevious, but that made it all the better, right? you can only crochet for so long before your mind starts to wander.

mischevious memories:
  • i snuck up to my room after being in heidi's room late talking, and i had NO MATTRESS. ok, so i knew i had been pulling pranks with the room across the hall, and when i tried their door and it was locked, i was sure my mattress was in their room. i spent the night in heidi's room, and found out the next morning that my mattress was on the first floor. for those of you that don't know, the first floor of the dorms was the boys floor, and off limits to girls. yes, i made justin get my mattress from the hall closet and carry it back up to my room. precious.
  • there was a no dating policy at the jsa. HA. i laugh out loud even thinking about it, and laugh even harder when i think of all the secret and not so secret love affairs going on. didn't someone get caught smooching in the stair well? and to all those who were in love and would go on walks around the temple. blah. but i was jealous...
  • that stupid knight. do you remember the knight? i hated that knight, and hated even more when everyone found out how much i hated the knight. it would show up everywhere i was...hiding around corners, standing behind me in the computer lab, and even in my closet. gross.
  • speaking of the computer lab. two words for you. INSTANT MESSENGER. half of the time we were in there, we were talking to other people in the computer lab on instant messenger. and oh the conversations we would have. scandelous.
  • anyone want to go to the rascal flatts concert? i still don't feel bad about "sneaking out" to drive 5 hours to see their concert. my parents knew i was going. plus, chris cagle opened, and he knows how to shake those hips.
  • like explained before, the boys dorms were on the first floor. girls were on the 2nd and 3rd floors. they had lounges on both ends of each hallway, but girls weren't allowed in the boy hallway and boys not allowed in the girls hallway. it was annoying at times....like when boys were on the 2nd floor lounge and wanted to go to the 2nd floor lobby at the other end of the hallway. they would have to go down to the first floor to go down their hallway. "i'll meet you there!" now don't make me feel bad, everyone broke this rule at least once, right? i still remember jarrett and dan running full speed down the hallway, for no reason i'm sure.
  • the vans. i think we all have some ridiculous memory in those vans. i don't know that i will even share any. dance parties were involved, but i will never forget when jarrett put in his new cd from walmart: ludacris -chicken and beer. the van was shocked.
  • i don't remember who it was that got duct-taped to the post in the main lobby, but i still remember bro. porcaro coming around the corner and finding him. busted.
  • and that one time kyle got caught in the girls room?? i think windows were involved, and i'm pretty sure he tried to hide behind the curtains. classic.

oh my goodness. of course nauvoo was not all fun and games. we had classes, and that blasted scrapbook to finish. but when i think of nauvoo and the dear friendships, i can't help but think of some of the silly times...


Emily said...

Oh such fun memories. I was in the room during the Kyle incident and it was SO stinking funny! When we all had to go into Brother Ivie's office after that I couldn't feel guilty because it was just funny! Kyle wasn't in there doing anything bad. He just climbed up to the window and when he got there realized he wouldn't be able to make it back down! So funny.

Peter said...

Your memories make me laugh so hard. Those were the best of times. If I remember correctly it was Nate that we duct tapped to the pillar.

Amber said...

I'm pretty sure it was Nate, too. Bethany, thanks for doing this, all of us Nauvoo-ers feel your love. I think you hit it on the nose when you said we all loved each other, even though we weren't as close as we could have been. Oh Nauvoo...

Brian & Emily said...

we LOVE you!
and we so followed the rule.
like I needed to say that:)

Jessie Evans said...

Man, you have me laughing out loud and my husband now thinks I'm crazy. Can we all go back in time, just for a day? Such fun times.