Monday, December 8, 2008

picture i promised.

here is cute katie as mary.
and here is the delivery we got at our house. here's the story: this box was left on our doorstep, addressed to rebecca mcdermot. i don't know anyone by that name. but dad and lori know her, and wish her a merry christmas. the next time i came home it was in my house and opened. the box said "open immediately, live plant inside", so my dear roommate opened it. and watered it. and plugged it in. i think there was a box of chocolates in the package too. i wouldn't know because i don't dare open it. my roommate did look up the girl and emailed her about her package mailed to the wrong address, but never heard back. so...we have a live christmas tree after all.
and no, we are not cooking the tree for dinner. this is our way of watering. it doesn't look very safe with a pot full of water...plugged in. haha. and if any of you know rebecca mcdermot...tell her we have a gift for her...


Brad, Kylee and Payson said...

You are funny! You are right.... water plugged in never looks safe! Hey i need your address so i can send you a Christmas card.... can you email it to me?
Love ya!!!


Whitney said...

While you're at it, send it to your sister too.

DeeAura said...

hahahaha! It's a Christmas Miracle. You're doing the right thing by just loving it. I expect nothing less from you. :)