Thursday, December 11, 2008


Teachers. Let's talk about it. I loved the teachers and staff that were there with us. Of course, there were "trying times", but I will never be able to express how much I learned from these great people that gave of their time.

The Scharffs. Do I even have words? I always loved when they were on my bus for traveling. I loved hearing Brother Scharffs teach his class, and Sister Scharffs actually sat in our class with us. At the time it was because she wanted to sit in on one of his classes. Looking back, I'm wondering if it was because we were rowdy. Hmmmm. And everyone remembers the welcome to college speech we got in that class. Priceless.

The Smiths and the Lamberts. Who didn't love every single thing about these people?? The Smiths were always happy. ALWAYS. Please never forget pioneer life. Remember when we had to write our own hymns for that class and had to sing them in front of everyone? Who waited till the last day to make their candle? And how many hours did you spend in that craft room. In case you were wondering, no... i never finished my quilt. i actually haven't even touched the thing since i've been home. whoops.

The Humphries. I never took a class from Bro. Humphries...didn't he teach History? or was that Bro. Castleton? I only remember Bro. Castleton in our choir class. I always started out not liking the songs we were singing, and by the time we performed them, i was in love with them. to this day, anytime i hear "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need" or "This is the Christ", I think of Nauvoo.

Look at our cute teachers and service missionaries. I am so grateful for them putting up with all of us all semester. Let's be honest, we were more than a handful and probably very abnoxious at times. I love them!!
And what a better way to end this post, than our favorite movie of one of our favorite teachers. i hadn't seen this in a long time, but kayce sent it to me. i actually called her tonight quite frantic. "what do i post about!?!?!?" i was having a brain freeze. then she provided me with these pics and video....and the rest is history. (theres your shout out kayc..happy?? haha)

Please share your favorite teacher memories in a comment. i love hearing from all of you in the comments because you always remember things that i've forgotten! Kayc, that would be a good place to share your sister humphries joke!! :)

sure love you guys and love remembering the good times that are NAUVOO.


Kayce said...

You're shout out may have been a tad extensive, but appreciated. :) I don't remember who else was sitting with Sis. Humphries when she told her joke at breakfast other than nate and I, but here's how it went.

(In her sing-song voice)
"One of the diseases that comes with old age is the furniture disease. It's when the chest falls into the drawers."

Also, how many of you remember the WOW verses that we put to the song that never ends/When the Saints go marching in?

Amber said...

I forgot about the 'welcome to college' speech, classic; maybe it's because I was a rare sophomore. :)

Bro. Humphries taught history; it was very amusing. I remember 'recreating' the Continental Congress. His class was also where I sprained the first of my ankles on Halloween.

Bro Castleton taught D&C, along with choir. I do the same thing with "This is the Christ" and "My Shepherd." Especially since it's the five year mark, a few Christmas songs do the same thing like "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," "Mistletoe," "Christmas is," and "Santa Baby." Oh Nauvoo...

Thanks again for doing this, Bethany, you're inspiring me to look through my scrapbooks and I think I might dedicate a post tomorrow... five years... wow...

Jenny and Josh said...

I hadn't seen that video, classic!
I owe all the faculty and staff a huge apology for my early morning exercising! Especially the Castleton’s and the Pacaro’s! What sweet patient people. I am sure they all wanted to kill me though!

Emily said...

Does anyone know how Bro. Castleton is doing these days? I know he was really sick.

I sooo adored the Lamberts. Can I make a confession? Bro. Lambert got called to the high council of our BYU Stake (married) in Utah right before we moved. He came to visit our ward one of our last Sundays there, though he didn't speak. I was SO excited to see him and then at the end I was going to go say hi but someone else was talking to him so I didn't. I was worried he wouldn't remember me! Now I wish I'd said hello.

Oh and I have a Bro. Scharffs story. The day that Jacob left on his mission (some of you may remember this) I was a "tad" emotional. I was sitting out in the hall with Heather (Andersen, was it?) Shupe crying. Bro. Scharffs came up the stairs (he lived on our floor) and stopped right in front of us. He stared at us for a minute and Heather said, "Her missionary just left" and he just nodded and walked away. A few minutes later he came back, already chuckling to himself, and said, "I was going to say 'It's not the end of the world' but it looks like it is! chuckle chuckle." HA!

Bethany said...

i didnt even know he was sick?!?

Kara said...

Bethany, I had no idea you had a blog! :) It's been so great to read, espeically about Nauvoo. I totally miss it, but also have laughed reading some things.

Kara said...

Since, I didn't read the comments first ...
Brother Castleton is doing a bit better last time I talked with Sister Castleton. I have their e-mail address, and we've talked to them on the phone like twice since being married. I've sent them Christmas card, but that's really all. It hasn't been super recently that we've talked with them, but last we knew he was doing better.