Friday, December 5, 2008


i woke up today at 7:55. yes, work begins at 8. i was here at ten after. what does that tell you? i look really cute today. at least i brushed my teeth (or did i??) sorry. i mean i really did brush my teeth...
this morning in the state of being half awake i think i turned my alarm off. bad news bears. thats what happens when you stay up past your bed time, so i guess i deserve it.
guess what tonight is. you guessed it. how better to usher in a new month than with cleaning checks! yay!!! really, though. i've already decided i am just going straight home to take care of it. i hate those danged cleaning checks, and i will be glad to cross it off my list. hopefully then, someone nice will call and see if i am doing anything later. and then i will be able to go because my chores are done. if no one calls...i am so tired, i can just go to bed. i love planning ahead.
i went with adam to see Savior of the World last night and it was a fantastic show. I was lucky enough to know a few people in the cast. Katie was on my team last summer, and it was so fun to see her as Mary...and to hear her sing! i loved it. she did a wonderful job and i was grateful to have the reminder of the reason we celebrate this season. ( i will post a picture when i get home...what a great photographer i had!) afterwards we did a quick walk around temple square (by quick i mean as fast as i could walk in heels. it was freezing!) i love seeing the lights, and i love being on temple square. overall good night.
other than the fact that i am almost falling asleep at work and will be a slave cleaner tonight, i have a feeling today is going to be great. the forecast says sunny. i love the sun.

i was watching an investment clip at work the other day and someone used the quote " even a broken clock is right twice a day. " i don't know why that has been on my mind. not that i feel like i'm broken, but i'm definetely a work in progress. just something to think about.

i got the whole week of christmas off at work, and i'm thrilled about it! it will be good to be home for a full week, spend time with family and see some friends.

icing on my cake...i've got alot on my mind and i'm having a hard time being focused at work today. i sit here and make lists of things i need to do (for work...and life in general) and just don't know where to even start?!? it's okay. forecast = sun. life = good. :)


Kayce said...

Ok here's my obligitory first comment. So sounds like you had a good night last night. I hope you took my advice on what to do when you visit temple square in the winter. Stories like yours about work make me glad I can come into work whenever I want.

Oh and good idea for you, if you haven't already done the service auction get someone to auction off doing the cleaning check for you, and then you need to buy it. Don't worry though I for some unknown reason decided to spend 4 hours deep cleaning my kitchen and the fireplace, anc my vacuum, and for some reason it's more fun when someone's not making you do it.

Meg said...

So glad you survived the fridgid coldness.. Wanna chat!