Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh, please no.

yesterday morning i woke up and felt a little itch on my leg. mosquito bite...or some kind of itchy bite. please no. i don't even have my supply of this yet:let me take you back. sugar shack. there was a swamp cooler in our room that was not functioning. my lovely landlord...who claims to be my friend and best landlord in the world (i won't use names) didn't cover the swamp cooler properly. basically, bugs were flying in and out of there like it was their job. and their mission was to bite me in my sleep. i swear, we would wake up in the morning and count our new bug bites. sick, huh?
i am an itcher. if i have an itch, i have to scratch it in a bad way...which makes bug bites a bad thing. this is the reason i keep my fingernails short, or else i would scratch my bod raw. lovely image, right?
enter "saving grace" :cortizone cream. relieves itch fast? sure does. i used to wake myself up in the night because i was scratching itches in my sleep. my roommates can attest to the fact that i used to sleep with this tube in my hand, and learned to apply it in my sleep. there was a tube in the bathroom, the car, and my purse.
and every year i forget that the glorious season of spring also brings back the bugs. time to re-stock.


Whitney said...

I got my first little itchy bite yesterday too. People who get hayfever and allergies itch worse, I'm convinced.

Ryan said...

i have scars from scratching bug bites!

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Thank you so much for saying hi! I saw your blog a while back but didn't leave a comment because I didn't think you would know who I was :) It's been so fun finding people from Nauvoo through blogs and seeing what their up too. I hope you have a spectacular day!